Who we are and what we do ...

Promo Ceramics offers personalized products for everyone. We specialize in promotional items made out of porcelain, ceramic and glass.

With are giving you a full freedom of choicefrom the general style to the last dot on your product. Inspired by aesthetics and creativity we are paying attention to every smallest detail. You decide whether we only print or fully design your product..

Meet us, our team, our creations

Motivated by the spirit of innovation we are always having in mind the comfort of our clients. We focus on cooperation! That is why we have created a well-coordinated team that will help you, in a few simple steps, create a prototype of your your own project. You can also personalize our existing works that are available in our libary.

We create new opportunities on the promotional ceramics market!


Diversity and wide assortment selection


Warranty and the quality of our own assortment


Delivering large orders, in short time limit


In-house printing of packaging

Flexible management and large production capabilities allow for

bringing to life your boldest projects!


Some history …

Our beginnings date back to the nineteenth century, giving us the history of 200 years, written on countless pages. We have always cared for the tradition, giving the world an opportunity to enjoy our hand-painted porcelain.

Over the years and the turbulent period of the 20th century, the factory changed its owners and the production profile multiple times. The porcelain production facility Manufaktura Ceramika Tułowice, located in the small town of Tułowice, near Opole, once under the name Porcelana Tułowice, exported over 80% of its assortment to Canada and the United States.

Today, we are present on both local and foreign markets, our products are being made in a historic place, we are present at the most important events in the industry, and we constantly evolve our heritage by running other companies, such as Ceramika Tułowice, BGtech and Creative Factory.


She has been with us for the longest time and has the most experience in terms of the amount of projects completed. She knows the company from the inside out and has played an integral part in developing more than one department. As a person she is open to people and loves to travel. She is constantly working on developing her interests in psychology and sociology.


She participated in the creation of this department and has been with it continuously for almost 10 years. Characterized by a great passion, commitment and dedication to her daily, new challenges. Privately - a loving wife and mother. She loves dancing, is interested in designing gardens and owns a charming Cavalier named Carlos.


Each project is handed over to the irreplaceable Klaudia before going to print. The whole preparation process is in her hands, but that's not all ... she also does all the visualizations for clients. In her free time she takes photos and is constantly expanding her skills. Her future goal is to learn how to develop her own photos using the traditional method.

Ilona – Chief Operating Officer Ewelina  – Kierownik Działu Sitodruku Klaudia – Specjalista ds. przygotowywania projektów do druku
Ilona – Chief Operating Officer
Ewelina  – Kierownik Działu Sitodruku
Klaudia – Specjalista ds. przygotowywania projektów do druku