LT decal


Decorating with LT decals (organic or low temperature) consists in
transferring the logo from a special paper to the selected surface. Low temperature decal
can be used on all substrates that are resistant to
temperatures of at least 180 to 260 C. It is especially recommended for
porcelain, glass or ceramics as well as other materials that can withstand temperatures up to
250 C. This type of decal does not require long-term burning in high
temperatures, like conventional decal, hence it's process of fusing
to the ground is much shorter. Organic paints are free of heavy


These modern paints make it possible to obtain a wide variety of colours
unattainable earlier, such as vivid pinks, purples and greens.
These unique paints allow us to imitate every shade from the Pantone palette.


The downside of this solution is the low resistance of such prints to dishwashers and microwaves.
The resistance of the print can be increased with a special hardening agent.
These modern paints make it possible to obtain a wide range of previously unattainable colours,
such as vivid pinks, purples and greens. They also allow us to imitate every shade from the Pantone palette.

Type of organic decal:
a) decal (thermochromic) - consists in covering the previously made print
with a special thermal-changing tracing paper in any shape. This layer
becomes transparent under the influence of fluid temperature, making the base print
There are two types of thermal paper available -one reacting to high temperatures and the other reacting to low
b) glitter decal - containing glitter particles, available in 3 colors:
gold, silver and red.
c) fluorescent decal - fluorescent prints are available in 5 colors:
green, blue, yellow, orange and pink
d) pearlescent decal - pearlescent pigments allow to achieve a high gloss effect.
We offer three different pearl pigments: gold, silver and copper
e) interference decal -this type of decal has a specific property of
giving different colour impressions depending on of the angle of incidence of light.
f) phosphorescent decal - i.e. glowing in the dark decal
d) satin varnish - it allows to obtain prints imitating satin
glass surface. It is a very interesting and original effect.
e) metallic (satin) decal - it allows for prints in
gold or satin platinum


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